Happy Thanksgiving!

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2009 has been an eventful year for all of us – yet through all the struggles and challenges, we’ve made it here to Thanksgiving Day. We’d like to take a moment to give thanks – to all of you in our extended community. Thank you for your ongoing support, your commitment to yourselves and to each other, your desire for growth and knowledge and the development of your minds and bodies, and for the tremendous contribution you make to the others around you. We appreciate your desire to be “in the game” and the sacrifices you make to continue showing up, in spite of all the other things tugging at your sleeve for your time and energy. While we know you’re participating for your own reasons, your presence in our community helps pull everyone forward, and grow stronger each day – and we’re grateful to be both part of your journey and along for the ride!

We hope you take a moment today to give thanks to the people in your lives that support you in your journey… you all do that for us! Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!




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