Happy Turkey Day


Do a Turkey Trot if you are so inclined


Do whatever it takes to give you a sense of peace about what you did to your body on Thanksgiving.What an awesome day. It can be hard to remember to reflect on what’s great about my life on a daily basis. I can get so caught up in the mundane, the failures, the disappointments, the nit-picky, and the petty. And when I stop to think about it, most of what I consider crummy in my life is nit-picky and petty.

And then there’s today. A day where the order of the mandate is to be grateful. Really grateful. Sure there’s some crap out there. But good god am I grateful for my life. For my hands and my feet. For my eyes and my ears. For my mouth and my stomach! For my friends and my family. For my community and my city. When I step back, life really falls into place. It really is magical. There’s nothing that I need that I don’t have. That’s amazing.

And let’s not forget that today stuffing your face is acceptable in all languages!

So go for it, have fun, eat well, watch football, be with family and friends, help other, share who you are, do a turkey trot, and have the kind of day that a day of gratitude inspires.

If you were completely grateful for how today turned out, how did it look? Have that day. Be unashamed. Hug, kiss, share, and love. Inhabit your life fully.

Cookie Time! CFLA Chili/Cook Off. #community

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