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“Fran” is probably the most revered and notorious of the CrossFit girls. It is also one of the shortest (the best times are under 3 minutes). Once you can handle the weight on the thrusters and the pull ups, the secret to a fast “Fran” is learning how to both (a) get up to your max red-line, and (b) hold it at there for at least 3 minutes. I can think of two events that are biomechanically totally unrelated to “Fran’s” movements, yet improve your physiologic capacity to red-line and maintain for 3(+) minutes – the 800m run, and 1,000m row – both, of course, for time. I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to create physiologically similar 3 minute red-line experiences – got any ideas?

The Burch & Jen
Burch & Jen during “Fran” Challenge prelims

Today’s Workout
Each interval for time:
800m run
4 minutes rest
1000m row
4 minutes rest
400m run
4 minutes rest
500m row



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