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Today’s Workout
“Rancho Park Days”
5 Rounds for time of:
35 Mountain Climbers (1ct)
30 Bird Pickers (1ct)
25 Bicycles (1ct)
20 Lateral Bridges (10/side)
15 Plank UpsI was talking with the staff and coaches here recently and I noticed something interesting — people here are really enjoying their training. I don’t mean that they are liking working out, but they are enjoying the things that they include in their training that is outside of their gym workouts. For one it’s really enjoying getting back into running, for another it’s adding hip hop dancing to their schedule once a week, for someone else it’s feeling good about working out 5 days a week and spending time each day working on a nagging injury, and someone else mentioned going to the farmer’s market and cooking themselves a week’s worth of good food on Sunday.

It occurs to me that people often think of training on one level — lifting weights, eating right, running. Whereas in this example training takes on a multi-dimensional, personal feeling to it. A level of training that incorporates real life and other people.

What’s in (or will you add to) your training that you really enjoy and makes it that makes it specifically yours?

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