Headed to Regionals

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Today’s Workout

Inversion Practice
– 20 minutes
Complete as many rounds/reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 Front Squats – 155/105
20 Pull upThe CrossFit Games Open is over… so what’s next? REGIONALS! CFLA qualified a slot for the team competition, and are sending 8 athletes… Logan, Zach, Sam, Andy, Shirley, Annita, Cathy, and Lauren! Congratulations, Team CFLA!

By the way, our qualifying was truly a team effort. Each week, the top three men’s and women’s scores counted toward the team total. 14 of our athletes contributed to this total… and over 50 of you participated in the Open workouts, providing the always important energetic platform upon which our team could perform it’s best. It did… and we qualified!

So mark your calendars for the weekend of June 16, 17, 18. The venue is set at Cal Sate Long Beach, and like last year, will be quite the athletic spectacle. Many of the best CrossFitters in the world come from Southern California, so it will be pretty amazing. On top of that, our TEAM could really use your support! We’re having a special jersey made for the team that will be available for pre-order to all CFLA members… and we’d love to see a “Sea of CFLAers” at the event. Look for details to follow in the upcoming three weeks!

“Stick ’em up” -or- “Hang it up”



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