Health-Habit Amnesia

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A) Press heavy single (15 min)
**If you PR, use PR as new 1RM for remainder of cycle**

B) 5 RFQ on the 2:00
4 T&G Power Clean & Push Press

1000m Run
14 Single leg lunge jumps from box (7 ea.)
Rest exactly 1 min
50 KB Russian twists
14 Single leg lunge jumps from box (7 ea.)
Rest exactly 1 min
50 Wall ball (20/14)
14 Single leg lunge jumps from box (7 ea.)
**18min cap**


A) 3 Rounds for quality pacing
500m Row
400m Run
**Keep each round within 10-15sec**
**17 min cutoff**

B) BS Heavy single (20 min)
**If you PR, use PR as new 1RM for remainder of cycle**

C) 5 RFR (:30:30)
Weighted pull-ups
Candlestick levers

My body is a complete wreck. And I’d like to pretend that I don’t know why, but then I’d be feeding more into the health-habit amnesia I recently experienced.

I’ve spent so many years figuring out formulas that contribute to my optimal health. I’m never quite convinced that I have it figured out. At times it seems to be a virtual Rubik’s cube combination that unlocks a window of feeling fan-effing-tastic. Then that feeling ebbs and flows and I’m back to tinkering with my plan again. All in all, I feel pretty damn good, but I’m always looking for great. For the record, “great” also includes a high-quality of life meaning I’m not necessarily trying to restrict every “fun” food for a six pack. I’m good with a two pack and some pizza here and there.

But there are certain things that I KNOW work for me – and for most people in general – that don’t require tinkering. They are now just part of my regular, feel-good plan: Move my body almost every day (whether cardio or lifting, either intensely or not), take it easy on the processed food, take it easy on refined sugar, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, have a good mobility plan, have a good rest/recovery plan, and take a good anti-inflammatory supplement. Fairly simple. Seems easy enough though it took me a long time to dial in just these things.

So why am I a wreck? Because I’ve blown off all of these basic staples listed above for the last two weeks. Not the moving part. I’m always trying to work out, but if I’m not doing the other things to support my well-being, I end up feeling like my hips joints will explode, like they do right now. After I competed in the Femme Royale – which was three, taxing workouts in a day – I experienced such a high that I almost felt invincible. The invincibility made me ditch the things that got me feeling good enough to compete in the first place. I didn’t rest and recover enough after the competition. I hardly mobilized going into the Femme Royale and more importantly the week after. I “forgot” to take my EPA/DHA supplement. And I was eating so much celebratory crap it was awesome! Though, it really wasn’t awesome because after two weeks, I was bloated, boarder-line injured, and grumpy as hell. I honestly felt broken. This is a scary feeling at my age because my first consideration was, “Oh man. Well, I’m done. I had a good run.” Obviously I’m not done. I had simply abandoned the core health tenants that will keep my quality of life and health high for a really, really long time. As long I don’t suffer this type of amnesia too often, that’s exactly what will happen.

I’m sure we’ve all forgotten to do the things that have made us feel our best. The good news is that most of us know how to shake it off and get back in the routine. Sometimes we need the Whole Life Challenge to help remind us. Sometimes we need to feel a little wrecked to snap back to it.



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