Health, Wellbeing, and Artistry Put Simply…

This comes from renowned coach and author Max Shank. It doesn’t get more simple than this. Check yourself on the daily: Are you healthier than…?

Franklin Hill Fitness Score
   A) “Franklin Light Hunt” AMLAP 8:
         Across Down Back Up Back Across -then- Max Light Posts Score
   (Rest 10 minutes)
   B) 2 Intervals on the 6:00:
       Franklin Hill Sprint 220m
“Fitness Score” is the total of your two intervals times on part “B”…divided by your Light Post Score on part “A”

Mental Toughness
PARTNERS (teams of two) 
12 Min Sled Push AMRAP (one partner working; other holding Ironman)
(1 min Transition)
12 Min Max Meters Weighted Carry (two different weights–front rack/farmers; one carrying at a time)

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