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Today’s Workout

2 rounds for max reps:
1 minute GHD sit ups
– rest 3-4 minutes between rounds


5 rounds for time of:
400m run
15 OH squats, 95/65What makes something healthy? A while back, a little term called “organic” started to appear around food and when you read it, you actually knew something about how that food was produced and the kind of things you were avoiding by eating them. Now “organic” is simply a marketing term that seems to apply to cakes and pastries as even-handedly as it applies to tomatoes and pomegranates. In a sense, it has become background noise, and you can safely say that in a lot of instances the term “organic” doesn’t hold the actual promise of what you are shopping for.

Among the big junk food manufacturers, the terms “healthy” and “all-natural” are starting to take their place among the ranks of “organic” and “light.” A recent article in the Chicago tribune points to some of the possible pitfalls of the “companies that introduced products such as Doritos, Miracle Whip, Butterfinger” as they begin to roll out products that they determine “healthy” by limiting fat or sodium, or even reducing number of ingredients in order to “align with organic principles.”

Is that what you are looking for in healthy food? Are you looking for an excuse to eat snack food? Where does a commitment to healthy eating begin? Does it begin with a questioning of the fundamental structure of your own personal food pyramid? Or does it look like replacing one snack food with a lower fat (but quite probably higher sugar) version? Is nutritious eating actually a lifestyle shift or rather just replacing your regular Twinkie’s with a low fat version of the same? What do you think about your choices as a consumer in terms of how they affect the entire food system and what food companies are interested in providing?

Anthony gettin’ the get-up — big time!



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