Healthy Habits


Hi All-
This Saturday, November 17th is my birthday! 

Like most people, when my birthday approaches I tend to reflect on all the things that have happened in the last year. As well as come up with some ideas of things I would like to do and/or achieve in this coming year. Some of those may be personal, professional or from an athletic standpoint. All different, but all attainable.

With that being said, I challenge you all, to join me on this quest. Below you will find a few ideas that I have for you. Not only will they help you inside the gym, but I truly believe you will see a change over all.

1. Take a cold shower. Whether you finish off with just 30 seconds at the end or take an entire shower cold, it does make a difference. You’ll see changes in skin, hair, recovery and overall tolerance to weather changes.

2. Go Reusable: Invest in a portable coffee mug, buy reusable straws and bags. Whatever you can think of to help eliminate plastic usage.

3. Eat the Rainbow: For one week, try and have at least 3 different colors in every meal…or keep it simple, eat vegetables every meal!

4. Limit phone usage: Get outside, read a book and relax away from the screen. Get yourself into a parasympathetic state. 

5. Step outside your comfort zone at the gym: If you typically only show up on the endurance based days or tend to go lighter on a workout just to finish, this is for you. Try and add that extra 5 pounds that you never do. Show up on a practice day, to work on your weaker movements. MOVEMENT CAPACITY AND WORK CAPACITY = A BAD ASS MF!! If you’re unsure what I just said, stay tuned. 

6. Read one new book before the end of the year! 7 weeks left (that’s plenty of time).

7. Get to know one new person at the gym! 
Yes, I know we all tend to go to the same class times. But if you see someone you don’t know, say hi. Welcome them. If you go on the weekend, try and partner up with someone you haven’t worked out with before. This is a very easy way to get to know the community.

8. Self Care: There are 24 hours in a day. There is no reason, one of those hours can’t be all about you…or spread it out throughout the day. Stay ahead of those aches and pains. I like to refer to this as maintenance. You’ll never get away from your body. Listen to it. Be proactive. I wish I could say that all you need from a self care or maintenance standpoint is for you to come to class, that’s just not true. YOU GOTTA START DOING THIS S**T ON YOUR OWN!! #healthyhabits 

9. Set your alarm 15-20 minutes earlier than you normally do. Take this time to read, breathe, stretch. Anything that helps your day start off smoother and slower.

10. Be Kind! We could use a lot of more that in our would.

Retest Week


A) Bench Press
Find a 3-rep max (20 minutes)

B) Sumo Deadlift
Find a 1-rep max (20 minutes)


For time:
Run 1 Mile
50 DB Alt. Box Step-ups (50/35) (24/20)
Run 1 Mile

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