The Heart of a Community

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After watching Corey Reed’s documentary “Heart of a Champion” at the gym tonight, memories of that time came flooding back. The few months that Corey trained at the gym in 2012 with his team — comprised of Zach, Niki, and Shirley and coached by Kenny — were so special and emotionally-charged. And though the film highlights how amazing  a person and athlete Corey is, despite his accident and no matter that he’s a blind amputee, the film reminded me of how special WE are. We are so lucky here at CFLA. Our environment, our bonds, our community allow individuals to thrive and reach exponential potential within the safety and support of a team.

The film echoed some of our everyday CFLA themes. Our daily context may seem subtle at times, and though we practice for physical virtuosity, at the very core of our training are emotional themes. Our training is rooted in a certain level of vulnerability. Are you open to coaching? Do you trust yourself to be the best you can? Do you allow yourself to lean on relationships built here? What kind of heart do you personally contribute to a situation, whether it’s in class or outside in life? Can you persevere when things go “wrong”? Do you allow the community to believe in you — do you believe them? Do you let outside forces define you (as an athlete, as a person) or do YOU define you? These themes were so glaring and important in the film, but it takes a special place to consider this stuff regularly.

Because of this, the specialness of CFLA was just as much a star of this film as Corey Reed. 

If you missed the screening at the gym, the film can be rented or bought through the Ride with Core website here.

Thursday’s Workout

A) HSPU skill practice

B) For time
150 DU
90sec Rest
30 Sandbag front squats
90sec Rest
150 DU

C) 4 Rounds for quality on the 2:00
20sec Bench press (BW / ⅔ BW)

And Coming Friday
Mental Toughness

“Med Ball Mania”

5 Rounds for time
20 Wallballs (20/14)
20 MB Russian twists
10 MB sit-to-stands (no anchor)
200m MB run
**MUST hold and control MB for the entire 5 rounds of the workout. 5 inverted burpee penalty anytime ball leaves hands except during WB (yes this includes loss of control on the WB as well)**
**20min cap**
**See 8/20/13**



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