I Heart Snatches

Last week, I blogged about our back squat progression this cycle. Well, another focus of this cycle is to develop the squat snatch. This cycle, we will see 4 Practice Days that have workouts that include the squat snatch. We will also see 8 Practice Days that have sessions dedicated only to the squat snatch and getting underneath the barbell. The priority this cycle is getting underneath the bar.

This cycle’s snatch program is posted on the wall in the classroom, but you can take a look at all the upcoming snatch sessions here.

Now, since we are prioritizing getting underneath the barbell this cycle, we have written up a specific progression of scaling for the snatch. This progression is posted in the classroom, but please familiarize yourself with it here. It is important to follow the steps of this progression in order when scaling, so that you can focus on things that will help you get stronger and more proficient underneath the barbell.

Patience and consistent attendance of classes with snatching will help you PR your squat snatch in Retest Week!

Thursday’s Workout

“Pushing, Lunging Daniel”
50 Pushups
400m Run
22 Alt. front rack lunges (95/65)
800m Run
22 Alt. front rack lunges
400m Run
50 Pushups

And Coming Friday

A) Snatch high pull
70% x 5
80% x 5
90% x 3
95% x 3
100% x 1

B) 3 RFQ
75 Double unders
10 Wallballs to 10’
1min Rest
15 Burpees
10 Wallballs
**2min Rest between rounds**


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