Heart disease: Is cholesterol the culprit?

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Tuesday’s Workout
Turkish Get Ups – 2-2-2
Deadlift – 2-2-2
Complete as many reps as possible in five minutes of:
DB floor press (45/25)
Renegade rows (1 count)

…and coming Wednesday
For Time:
2,000m Row, 4 min rest
1,600m Run, 4 min rest
1,000m Row, 2 min rest
800m Run, 2 min rest
500m Row, 1 min rest
400m Run Do you ever wonder whether the Matrix is feeding you the information you need/want to hear in order to keep itself intact? Imagine the disturbance in The Force if people were to suddenly wake up and realize that cholesterol was not the evil cause of heart disease… and then they stopped taking their Lipitor. Talking about Deep Impact. Is that all just Over the Top?

Here’s an article from a heart surgeon who gets it… pretty powerful when a guy who’s performed over 5,000 surgeries admits that he was wrong… Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease. Post thoughts in comments.




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