Helloooo – are YOU there?

I took this picture of my son, Dashel, the other day looking on as Doug worked out… and I thought of the excitement and wonder that he must be experiencing as he looks out at everything – it’s all fresh, new and exciting. I remember the first time I sat down in the drivers seat of a car. I was both excited and terrified. All my senses were in hyperdrive – I was focused on every single movement and was sweating even though it was 35 degrees outside. The entire experience is etched indelibly in my memory. When I go to drive now, yawn, it’s just the same old thing, I’m on autopilot.

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on areas in your life that you’re going through automatically, with monotony, without “you” really being there. What’s the impact of this on your life and the others in it? Is it possible that by “re-inserting” you, being mindful, focused, and not multi-tasking, that you could regain the wonder, excitement, freshness you used to experience? Many of you have experienced this change when you switched from working out in a “globo-gym” to CrossFit, but I’m sure there are many other areas of your life that this applies. Think about it… If something comes to mind, post it in comments.


Today’s Workout

150 Burpees for time

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