Hero WODs with Our Own Heroes

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I believe in the everyday hero. I believe every compassionate, conscientious person champions life in their own way, big and small. In fact we need every person on board to be a hero, even when no one knows about it, even when we feel that what we do is the smallest of things. If we’re doing it with fairness and love, we have the capacity to make this a better place.

But to do a Hero WOD along side someone who would actually put his life on the line for me? This is something special.

Today the gym did “Hot Shots 19” in honor of the lives lost on 9/11 with a special emphasis on firefighters. Alek Edwards, our resident firefighter, did the workout at 12:30, and when he set up his barbell right in front of me, I felt a surge of motivation to not let him down. I no longer thought of how daunting the workout would be. I only thought of how we would get the work done together.

During the first round, the run felt hard. My lungs constricted a little more; I felt more sluggish than usual maybe from the heavy heat. But I was running right behind Alek and I told myself that I would stay behind him as close as possible in case he needed my support. Is that an odd thing to think? That a hero would need me? In the oppression of the workout, I wanted to be at his service since in the real world he is at mine. This thought tethered me along. The run, after the first round, became more manageable. I chipped away and looked at Alek often. We encouraged each other. The whole class seemed bonded more than usual. Every “Go Diz” helped me forward.

After the workout, Alek said a few words about the firefighting team who lost their lives fighting the Yarnell, AZ fire in 2013. He choked up talking about the gold-standard heroics of the NY fire departments during 9/11. We were humbled by this. And again I was grateful to be lead by Alek during class and supporting him even if he didn’t know it.


Tuesday’s Workout

3-5 RFQR on the 3:00
Max Effort Bench press (BW / ⅔ BW)
–30 sec cap each round–

3-5 Sets FQ
Multiple depth jumps (Low to high)
–Go only as high as appropriate for safety and quality–

4 RFQR (30s:30s)
Alt. SA OH KB Lunges*
Bike for cal
*Switch arms each round

Wednesday’s Workout

For Deload
3-3-3-3-3 (5.5/10 difficulty)

3 RFQIT on the 6:00
300m Run
12 DB Push presses (~25/17 %BW)
6 Bar muscle ups
3 Deadlifts (80%)

300m Run
12 DB Push presses (~25/17 %BW)
6 Bar muscle ups
3 Deadlifts (80%)
–1min Rest between rounds–



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