Hey Andy, What’s A ‘Goat’?

A) Squat Snatch
EMOM 12: 1 single every min
B) 5 rounds for reps: :90:90
250 row
Max pullups (strict)

A) Power Clean (AHAP) and Max Hand Release Pushup (Reps)
EMOM 12; :
even min: 2 PC (drop and regrip ok).
odd minutes: :30 max HR pushups (rest:30)
B) 5 rounds for time:
Row Run Drill:
250m row 200m run
rest exactly 1 min after each roundI’ve been wearing my new CFLA t-shirt all over the place recently and been getting a lot of questions about goats. What IS a goat? Well, I’m not exactly sure where the term came from, but we use it to describe anything and everything that you are NOT particularly good at or can’t do at all. For some, it’s running. Others, like me, snatching. And many, it’s flexibility.

Whatever the case, rest assured, you DO have a Goat (unless you are Rich Froning) – and you ought to be wearing one of our t-shirts. So… lets hear about your goats in comments. I’ll get it started – my goats: snatch, snatch, and snatch. And did I say snatch?

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