Hey Ma, Look at Me!

Today’s Skill
Deadlift and Shoulder Press

Today’s Workout
Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minute:
Run 50m
12 deadlifts
12 shoulder press

Today’s Game
CrossFit DodgeballIf there’s one thing I’ve learned working with children and CrossFit, it’s that kids loves rowers! There is something magnetic about the relationship between the two. Kids are fascinated with them and instantly drawn to get on them and start working. Rowing is an excellent alternative to running, when it comes to building cardiovascular endurance, and also requires a great deal of coordination. For rowing to be effective, students must learn to develop a strong leg drive and be able to access their hip power. These two abilities will take them far in every other sport they encounter — power, as we know it, generally comes from the hip and what sets elite athletes apart from others in their sport is an ability to access that power.

Alyssa works with Kelsey on the Concept2 erg.

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