Shoulder and Hip Action

Shoulder and Hip Action

Gretchen shows in the picture below how a dynamically loaded position at the absolute bottom of the kipping pull ups – with her shoulders extended way out in front of the bar and her legs behind – sets her up to get a tremendous amount of horizontal momentum from both her shoulders and hips. Then, all she has to do is convert that to vertical motion – and she pops right up over the bar. Nice kip, Gretchen!


Today’s Workout

8 rounds for time of:
20″ Abmat sit ups
10″ rest
20″ Sumo Deadlift High Pulls – 95# / 65#
10″ rest
20″ Box Jumps
10″ rest
20″ Thrusters – 95# / 65#
10″ rest

At the end of every 2 rounds, take a 1 minute rest.
Total workout time is 18 minutes
Score is the total number of reps for the entire workout

Today is day 11 of 100… an 11 Burpee day!
“Buy-In” – 66 Burpees



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