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We go deep into the History of Strength & Condition this week The Body of Knowledge. I know, might not be the best pitch sentence I’ve ever written. The key is understanding just how damn influential a few events were for the ENTIRE fitness industry as we know it. Lot’s of perspective Dr. Andy Galpin offers (yet again). The video is longer than normal this week – partially because I was reporting from a whole foods parking lot (and y’all know how rough that can get…).


Monday’s Workout
Team Play

“Killer Kettlebells”
FT, w/ partner, 1 working at a time
200 RKB Swings (24/16)
150 KB Russian twists
100 Alt KB Goblet lunges
50 KB Snatches

And Coming Tuesday
Team Play

FT, teams of 4, 2 working at a time
Deadlift (22,500/20,000/17,500)
200 Hand-release pushups
Front squat (10,000/7,500/5,000)
Shoulder to overhead (7,500/5,000/3,500)
300 Situps
1mi Run (200m increments)
–25min Cap–



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