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Steph Hammerman, an adaptive athlete and CrossFit coach, came to the gym Wednesday night to do “Niki” with CFLA. It was great to have her workout with us. Watching her finish the workout certainly inspired us to stay strong in our own performances, but what touched me equally was when Kenny brought Renee over to finish the burpees with Steph. They were to pace each other, to push each other and to finish stronger than they could have alone.

Steph is a bit of a celebrity in certain CrossFit circles, a bit of a star if you will. But what I realized in those gut-check moments at the end of that workout was that Renee was just as much a star. They were pushing and pulling off of each other. And sometimes that’s what it takes to get you through something that feels impossible. Hitch your energy onto someone else’s and when they give you a boost, you lead them.  Often a great individual effort is collaborative.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Hitch your wagon to a star.” At CFLA, those stars are interchangeable within our community. You can find them in the most likely and unlikely places. Be ready to be the star that gives freely of your energy and to utilize other people to lean on, to get you through.



Friday’s Workout

A) 3 RFT
250m Row
10 Burpees

B) For quality load (FQL) in 15 min
Heavy single clean and jerk

C) Back Squat 3×3 (+2 / +5)

And Coming Monday

“Shirley Brown”
5 Rounds for Total Time
33 BJ (24/20)
33 RKBS (24/16)
10 OHS (115/85)
10 Pullups
**Rest exactly 3min between rounds**




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