Holiday Stretch!

Welcome back from what I hope was a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend.

We’re officially in the holiday stretch! You might have already noticed that we’re in our Winter Mini Cycle where we’re playing around with new moves. Starting Dec 18, we will have our traditional Open Gym schedule with some fun suggested, holiday WODs. Then in the second week of January, we will test for Cycle 16, with not only more eyes on the programming, but fresh input. Our goal is to constantly improve programming so it always ties back to our Oak Park intentions to connect, grow, and play.

Speaking of the holidays, we can’t wait to see everyone at the holiday party on Friday, Dec 8th. I can’t believe that’s in less than 2 weeks!


Tuesday’s Workout

“(A) Find your max time in the bottom of the Front Squat
(must stand up the weight and rack it for the time to count)
The weight for RX is the athlete’s bodyweight.
(15 minutes)

(B) 6 Rounds, record slowest time:
Assault Bike cals (10/7)
2 x (10m Standing Sled Pull + 10m Hillbilly Sled Push)
Work:Rest ratio of approx. 1:2 between rounds
(~20 minutes)

Wednesday’s Workout

“The Ghost”
6 Rounds, each for reps:
1 min Row (cals)
1 min Burpees
1 min DUs
1 min Rest
(23 minutes)

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