Holiday Break

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Starting today, CrossFit LA is closed for 11 days for the holidays. To help keep you on target, we will be posting an equipment-free workout EVERY day of the break – including weekends! Many of these workouts were written by students in our Instructor Training Program. We appreciate them offering their creative talents…and you’ll have THEM to thank. wink

We strongly encourage students to meet up to do the workouts — we all know working out in groups is more FUN and EFFECTIVE. If you are looking for a workout partner or two, post your contact info in the blog comments.

If you are trying to figure out running routes in your neighborhood, check out

Oh, and one other thing… we have a NEW Blog on our site. It’s called the Sweet Cheeks Food Blog and you can get to it using the nav bar at the top of the site. Click BLOGS, then select Sweet Cheeks Food Blog. Check it out – it’s being kept up to date by our very own Sweet Cheeks – Alyssa and Shirley!

Abe, Jeff and Amber enjoy the holidays.

Today’s Workout

“Death by 10 Meters/Jumps” written by Wes L.

Place 2 cones 10 meters apart. When the workout begins, run 10 meters. Every minute on the minute add 10 meters (i.e. minute 2 – 20m, minute 3 – 30m, etc.). Continue running back and forth between the cones until you can no longer run the prescribed meters in a given minute.

If you are doing the jumprope variation, add 10 single jumps every minute until you can no longer jump the required amount within the given minute.



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