Holiday Intervals

Holiday Intervals

The battle for Franklin Hill.

Today’s Workout

“Holiday Intervals” written by Jonesywyck

1 mile run
4 minute rest
Sit up ladder (Increase each minute by two reps. On minute 1 do 2 sit ups, on minute 2 do 4 sit ups, etc., until you can no longer complete the required work within the minute allotted.)
4 minute rest
1 mile run

There will be three separate scores for this event, one time for each mile and the highest number of sit ups achieved within the minute allotted.

If you are trying to figure out running routes in your neighborhood, check out

…and if you want to easily figure out how many sit ups you did:

The number of sit ups in minute completed = x
[x * (x+2)]/4
e.g. – if you finish minute 10 (20 sit ups) and do 9 sit ups in the next minute
[20 * 22]/4 = 110
Then add the 9 extra for 119



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