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When did you get hooked on CrossFit? For me I knew I was going to love CrossFit from the first workout, but I was really sold on what it was doing for me from about three months in, when my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teammates came to me and started asking what I was up to. They had noticed I was becoming stronger, faster, and leaner. From THAT moment, I was hooked. I thought, okay, not only is this stuff seriously fun and challenging, but it’s really doing something, too!

What really hooked you into CrossFit – was it a particular workout? Was it an improved ability at your sport? Was it losing weight? Was it the community cheering you on at a Challenge? What made you realize, THIS is it!

Adam makes things go up.

Today’s Workout

3 rounds for time:

12 deadlifts (225#/155#)
12 box jumps (28”/24”)

3rd round followed by 500m row sprint



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