How Will You Enjoy the Weekend?

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So often I’ll ask my friends what they’re doing over the weekend. They’ll proceed to recite a long list of activities, obligations, events, plans, chores, and on. Eesh, do you guys ever just chill?? Maybe I need to get out more, but most weekends I try to take it down many notches to decompress, recharge, rest, recover, …mainly because it feels good and it’s in complete contrast to my week.

This weekend, ironically, I have more things planned than I usually do — including coaching all of Sundays classes at CFLA (stop by!) But usually I’m all about enjoying myself 1000% on the weekend. And by enjoying myself, I mean chill as hard as possible.

What enjoyable things are you guys doing this weekend?

Friday’s Workout

“Franklin Hill”
6 on the 6:00

Saturday’s Workout


10 Hang Cleans (135/95)
10 Front Squats (135/95)
400m Run

Sunday’s Workout
“Jack & Cindy Raise Hell”
Teams of 2 Complete FT

50 Deadlifts (225/155-60% 1RM)

10 Rounds Jack
10 Rounds Cindy

50 Deadlifts

10 push press (115/75)
10 AKBS (24/16)
10 Box Jumps (24/20))

Monday’s Workout

“Cindy XXX”

10 Pullups
20 Pushups
30 Squats
15 Pullups
30 Pushups
45 Squats
20 Pullups
40 Pushups
60 Squats
25 Pullups
50 Pushups
75 Squats
30 Pullups
60 Pushups
90 Squats

**Courtesy CFHQ**



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