How can you be just like Larry Bird?

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There is a notorious story of Larry Bird, potentially the greatest 3 point NBA player ever, shooting a commercial where he gets distracted while shooting and misses. Sounds simple enough, right? Hardly. It took over 20 takes because he couldn’t miss even when he TRIED and that was while not looking. When he was asked why it was so hard he said it was because he only practiced to make shots… not miss them!

One of the ways to achieve this with our business is to be like Larry and practice… yes, practice at business. To accomplish this, identify the areas that have the greatest impact on your business (and potentially your greatest weakness). Next, break these down into workable steps just like you would the different parts of the clean and jerk. If it’s sales you may need to work on phone answering skills, enrollment pitch, intro and package presentation. If it’s coaching, warm-up, WOD explanation and individual feedback might be possible areas. Next, set aside time every day, even if it’s only 10-15 minutes, for practice with manageable chunks. Since our lives are busy, planning to dedicate 2 solid hours on only Thursday for practice has a high probability to get put on the back burner or interrupted. Doing handstands for 2 hours once a week doesn’t have the same neurological effect on the body as if you practiced daily to accumulate those 2 hours.

So, practice like this and your “business game” may very well be like Larry’s… you might not be able to miss even if you tried.

As you watch this video below what parts of your business may need daily practice?

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