How do You Murph?

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A) For time:
1200m run
B) For time (10 min cap):
1x “15” round of Elizabeth
:60 rest
1x “15” round of Elizabeth
C) For time (7min cap):
4 rounds of:
1 Press (@85-87.5% of 1)
1 Strict pullup
1 Press
3 Strict pullups
1 Press
5 Strict pullups
D) For time:
400m run


A) 15 minutes, 3×5 DL @87.5-90%
B) 10 min to find days 3RM OHS
C) 5 rds on 3 of:
20 abmat situps
10 strict chin ups
5 OHS @ 75% of days 3rm
I tried an interesting experiment yesterday in doing ‘Murph’. In all the years I’ve been CrossFitting, I’ve always done it straight through, never having chosen the option of doing it in rounds, ‘Cindy’ style. This time it would be different.

In doing it this way, I found out that a) it’s a lot faster, b) going in rounds is actually fun and ‘easy’, c) I felt ‘fresh’ on the second mile run for the first time ever.

Although it not RX this way, I went for it anyway. I thought about all the things going on in my life and thought about just how sore regular, straight through Murph would leave me… and I thought – that would be a bad idea. And because of this strategy, I was able to finish, feeling actually pretty good at the finish line (this is not ‘normal’ fo me), and I hope have a much easier time recovering to get on with the week.

How about you? What was your strategy? Why? Was it effective?

Haley! #uassistednow #murph #pullups #patrioticgear #crossfit



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