How do YOU stack up?

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Today’s Workout

For Time:
500 Double Unders
– every minute on the minute, complete 5 burpees

Cutoff time: 20 minutesOne of the things that makes us different is the way we constantly compare ourselves to others who do CrossFit. We have leaderboards. We keep score. We post results of workouts up on whiteboards. We do this to create context for training, so that we all have a framework within which our training can exist… goals, expectations of performance, belief of what is possible, etc. Comparisons are good – as long as they are NOT used to make you feel bad about what you are doing… remember, the competition, 99% of the time, is just with yourself!

On that note, take a moment to look at the “Average” CrossFit athlete competing in the games (2010 CrossFit Games). Their average is anything but average! How do you compare? Are you in the ball park in ANY area?




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