How do you stack up against the pros?

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Ever wondered how you’d do going up against a pro-football player in a fitness challenge? Click here to check out the results from 7 different events at the NFL Combine (thanks, Z, for sending in the link!) It wouldn’t really be a ‘fair’ challenge (going up against a football player) since these events are ones that they practice all the time (not like events pulled out of our ‘hopper’), but still, it’s interesting to see the numbers (how about that 40″ vertical jump for a 256 pound defensive end – wow!)

Andrew, Leslie, and Andy going through 50 ‘hellish’ handstand push ups.

Today’s Workout

For time:
1200m run
21 Knees to elbows
21 Jumping Squats
21 Burpees
800m run
15 Knees to elbows
15 Jumping Squats
15 Burpees
400m run
9 Knees to elbows
9 Jumping Squats
9 Burpees



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