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Today’s Workout

For time:
SDLHP (135/95)
Overhead squatsHave you ever noticed that when you get the notion to change something, there is a never ending stream of information on how to do it? You can find hundreds of opinions on the internet, friends will put in their two cents, and family members add their “expertise.” Take losing weight as an example. Should you eat 6 meals a day? 3 meals and 2 snacks? Always eat breakfast? Never eat after dark? Not go 2 hours without eating something? Eschew fats, grains, starches, sugar, or the newest taboo substance? What’s the right answer? How about however it works for you? For some people eating every 2 hours would be oppressive and they’d be done in a week. Other people can’t stand eating first thing in the morning. The most important structure to put in place is the structure that empowers you to stick to it. I don’t care if studies proved it. If you hate it, you won’t last. Just make sure you have some rules in place. Your rules. Here is the super-secret coaching – Do what works. Don’t do what doesn’t.

Real moms lift weights



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