How Inspiring is Inspiring?

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Today’s Workout

8 rounds
Alternating each round between the left and right side:
7 DB cleans (50/30)
7 DB front squats
7 DB jerks
7 DB walking lungesI was speaking with a friend about a young woman who she recently met, a young woman who is an inspiration beyond words. I don’t know her name, I’ve never met her and it’s likely I never will, but just hearing who she is is enough to change everything I think about what is possible. This young woman is an athlete, a swimmer. She actually competes at a very high level against athletes from all over the world. Just to put yourself in that level of competition takes courage beyond anything that I have ever mustered, but for this young woman there is one other thing. She is 26 and ever since she was 6 years old she has had cancer. She now has a tumor in her brain that sits in the location that connects thought to speech. She cannot speak and she is wheelchair bound and cannot walk. Yet she has chosen to defy every obstacle in her way and live a life that is truly extraordinary. She swims in the paralympics, inspiring millions and yet she still managed to tell my friend, by drawing letters in her hand that my friend was an inspiration to her. I cannot imagine what a life under her circumstances would be like, but I am grateful that she lives hers to show that there absolutely and unequivocally are no obstacles. I’m grateful just to know of her.

To read about a girl with a story very similar, click here to read about Marin Morrison.

One of our own resident inspirations, Emily, going heavy overhead!



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