How Much Meat is Enough?

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There is seemingly an endless amount of talk when it comes to Zone and Paleo about how many carbs should be eaten. If I eat 20 blocks of protein, should I eat 20 blocks of carbs? How about 10 blocks of carbs? Here’s something to consider – how about 0? Check this out. Back in the late 1920’s two men, Dr. Vilhjalmur Stefansson and his partner (known apparently only as “Andersen”) agreed to live on a diet of all meat and animal fat for a year after their experience living for extended periods of time on meat and fish while studying the Inuit. There were a lot of concerns about what would happen to them – scurvy, protein poisoning, and kidney failure to name a few – but after a year they emerged leaner, with the same or reduced blood pressure, a disappearance of gingivitis, thicker hair (!), and looking “ruddier” than when they started. In spite of the worries of conventional wisdom there was neither kidney damage nor vitamin or calcium deficiency. I’m definitely not suggesting that this is a diet for everyone, but these guys made people eating paleo look like vegans and came out just fine. Here’s a colorful description of Stefansson’s time with the Inuit. And for you more scientifically minded folks, you can read the clinical report of the study written up in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

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