How to Add Purpose to Your Fitness Training (and Life)

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Body Weight “Fight Gone Bad”
A. Strict Pullups
B. Double unders
C. Squat
D. Hand-release pushups
E. Sit to stand
Workout consists of 3, 5 minute rounds. In each round, the athlete performs
each movement for 1 minute, accumulating as many reps as possible, before
moving to the next station. After completing all 5 stations, there is a 1 minute
rest before starting the next round.

You may begin at any station in the workout, but take note! You will want to
start at the same station when you repeat the test. It matters!


3 cycles for max reps and time (:60:120) of:
a) Back Squat (BW 2/3BW)
b) Seated DB Press (40% of 1RM Barbell Press)
c) 200m run for time
d) Sit to stands
e) Strict Chin upsNow I’ve done it. I’ve officially registered for the LA Triathlon on October 13, 2013! And by doing so,I’ve set in motion the direction and purpose of my fitness and training for the next 6 months.

I decided that to really get my attention, I had to make it hard enough that I felt like I needed to train for it. So I selected the Olympic distance (1.5k swim, 40k bike and 10k run). And although I have a background in ultra endurance events, it’s been a really long time since I’ve done one and even longer (25 years) since my one and only triathlon.

So… the title of this blog post is “How to add purpose to YOUR fitness training…” What is an event that YOU could sign up for, a trip you could take, a club you could join, a date you could book, that would have you organize your life around you ‘making it’?

Want to join me in the LA Tri in October?

Pooja goes for it on the rower!



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