How to Show Up for Class While Also Showing Up for Yourself

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“Tabata This”
Complete 8 rounds of :20 work and :10 rest at each of the following stations:
Row (for calories)
Pull ups
1 minute of rest follows each station
Score is the total of the LOWEST score achieved in any 20 second segment at each station.


A) BS 20RM, 60% of 1RM
B) Press – EMOM 8 (increase wt. ok)
2 Strict Press
1 Jerk
C) 4 rounds on 4
200m Run
10 Strict Chin-ups
12 TTB
5 Jerk @ part B weight
*must finish by 3What if I told you that getting your Black Belt in fitness had more to do with consistency than anything else? What if showing up each week had nothing to do with the number of classes you took at CFLA? What if your results, instead, had everything to do with the consistency of your self-honoring choices you made every single day, and your commitment to showing up at CLFA, x times per week, was simply another way to invigorate your training and learn new things? What if the price you paid for your membership never allowed you to do something like “go on hold” – after all, what, really, does it mean to “be on hold” – that you’re taking a time out from life? What if your monthly commitment, both in days per week of taking classes and in the amount of money you paid, simply was a way for you to hold yourself to your word… nothing else… and the coaching and training you got from being in class was simply icing on the cake?

There is a lot to gain from letting go of the idea that your training for your Black Belt has anything to do with the number of classes you take (or don’t take) at CFLA each week… just as there is a lot to gain from following our programming and taking full advantage each and every class, coach and minute of instruction at CFLA. The question is, can you hold space for both?

One of my fav pic's in a while. Franklin Hill sprints - and Butler on a bike! #sprints #crossfit #howwedo #ilovemybox
Sometimes you just gotta get crazy and foot-race a guy on a bike!



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