How was your Affiliate Gathering?

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The benefit of “water cooler” conversation can’t be ignored. Meeting like minded people and casually trading stories, insight and epiphanies is invaluable to information sharing since the beginning of time… In fact, I could see one cave man killing an impressive prey being approached later around the fire by another caveman and asked “how’d you do that?” Isn’t that what happens when we see someone breaking a record previously thought impossible? Additionally, getting together in person solidifies both the information and the relationships of the participants.

So a month after the gathering is a good time, I think, to see what was garnered from the Affiliate Gathering in Austin last month. What piece of information did you come away with that affected you? What friendships did you make? What new insight into CrossFit did you gain?

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BTW – the next BIZ: Raise Your Game seminar is almost full.

Review 3 CrossFit websites (not yours) and find 3 things that they are doing right.

Example – great pics, writing, WODS, navigations, layout, pleasing to the eye.

Enjoy this video of Andy Petranek (and me in the background) speaking at the affiliate gathering.

CFLA BIZ at the CrossFit Affiliate Gathering 2009 – Part 1 from CrossFit LA – The BIZ on Vimeo.



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