How’s Your Swing?

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And I’m not talking about golf or tennis… I’m talking about your kip. I see a lot of people working on their kip while still not having the foundations of a good swing. The kip is initiated with the shoulders swinging forward of and behind the pull up bar. The net effect of a good swing is zero. Meaning that you shouldn’t be swinging back and forth underneath the bar like a trapeze, instead, you should remain directly underneath the bar, able to stop your swing on command. If you don’t have it down, practice, practice, practice.

Valla showing a solid swing in his kipping pull-up.

Today’s Workout

5 rounds for time of:
400m Run
21-18-15-12-9 decreasing reps each round of
Box Jumps
Kettlebell Swings
Wall Ball

Special, today only… 60 BURPEES! That’s right, 60!
Burpees done to date: 1,830



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