Human Beings Are Awesome

Wednesday’s Workout (NO CAP)
2 Rounds:
2 min Max KB cleans (24/16)
1 min rest
2 min Max KB snatches
1 min rest
2 min Max KB front squats
1 min rest

Score total reps each exercise

…and coming Thursday (NO CAP)
Gymnastics skill work:
Forward rolls, kick up to handstand (w/partner), handstand to forward rolls

As many round as possible in 8min:
6 Burpees
100m RunWhen you look at it from the right angle, and some of you will do this just by glancing and some of you will need to tilt your head and squint a little bit, but if you catch a look from just the right way…humanity is pretty awesome. Human beings are awesome creatures. They are beautiful, unique, and extraordinary. EXTRA-ordinary. That’s outside the ordinary. Every single human being on this planet is outside the ordinary. I know that might not make sense, but it’s how it is.

Human beings will surprise and delight you…if you let them. They will also fulfill every awful thought you invent about them, if you choose to spend your time inventing these thoughts. It’s a waste of time. Mostly for you. They will go on being awesome whether you think it or not.

And YOU will go on being awesome – whether you think it or not.

Wouldn’t it be easier (and less tiring and more exciting) to just BE awesome? Wouldn’t it be a lot more fun to just think up crazy stuff (oh, I don’t know, like rope-climbing and PR scoring and…you get the picture) and then DO it?

Do you KNOW how awesome you are? I sure do.


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