“I Am So Over You” guest blog by member Laurie Newbound

I think most of us have had a struggle with sugar at one time during our adult life or another. As kids, it’s not struggle. We are introduced to the white crystal elixir and, as typical kids do, we then try to figure out how to shovel as much in our mouths as we can. See? No struggle. But as adults we know better, and most of us are in tune enough with our bodies to know that we mildly or not so mildly feel some kind of terrible once we’ve crashed — not to mention any long-term affects sugar is wreaking. My private client Laurie Newbound writes a personal blog about caring for her ailing parents and being the parent of children in their 20’s. It’s called The Panini Press. One of her personal health posts was about her lifelong struggle with a sugar addiction. Coach Benet who trains Laurie’s husband recommended that we repost part of that blog since many of us also have issues with sugar. The post is a whimsical, but also has good information that may be helpful. Thanks, Laurie!

SUGAR: You’ve been ignoring me.

ME: I told you, I am done with you.

SUGAR: But you’ve said that SO many times before and you always come back.

ME: Not this time.

SUGAR: You sound so sure, but it’s only been three weeks, you’re going to break down and come running back.

ME: Not even, and I was still seeing you a bit the first two. But, in any case, this time is different.

SUGAR: You always say that.

ME: No, I don’t. I have never said good-bye, publicly, forever. And this time I’m telling my all my friends.

SUGAR: Do I look worried? We’re just on a break, we’ve been through this, what, hundreds of times. And every time you have come back wanting more of me and more often than before. It’s going to happen again.

ME: No, it won’t.

SUGAR: Getting off me is as hard as getting off my buddy COCAINE. There was a study where rats chose sugar water over COCAINE eight times to one. Particularly proud of that one….The way your brain reacts to us is so similar, we’re like twins, we even look alike! So,please tell me, how is this time different?

ME: This time I have been seeing someone else who has been helping me, someone I have never let myself see before in this way.


ME: (sigh) His name is FAT.

SUGAR: Oh, I love FAT! He has been such a good friend for me over the years! We’ve done so many genius collaborations! Cake, french fries, pankcakes with syrup…Remember the big bag of oversized Mrs. Fields cookies (back when they were good) you would eat for dinner every month before your period when you were in your twenties? That was awesome. Oversize was one of our best ideas.

ME: That was a long time ago.

SUGAR: Ok, how about the pasta with pesto you gave your kids all through the nineties?

ME: I regret that now. I didn’t know better.

SUGAR? Ok, excuse me, but what about that recent run to Stan’s Donuts in Westwood? That wasn’t that long ago, it was just—

ME: This is different, FAT is totally different when you aren’t around. He behaves differently, I behave differently. He’s actually good for me.

SUGAR: (laughing) What? You’re going to tell me that you don’t put on weight?

ME: That is exactly what I am telling you. I am actually losing weight. And I don’t crave, well, I don’t crave….you. And I am in control of my feelings. And I’m not hungry! And my energy is steadier all day.

SUGAR: But you need me! You can’t have butter without bread.

ME: I put grass fed butter in my morning coffee, actually.

SUGAR: Ok, now you’re really worrying me.

ME: Oh, and coconut oil. Skin already feels softer.

SUGAR: That is the fattiest, most caloric thing on the planet. You have clearly lost your mind. You will have heart disease in five minutes.

ME: Gee, Sugar, are you threatening me? You are starting to sound nervous.

SUGAR: Where did you get these crazy ideas? They fly in the face of everything not only I, but the US Government, has been telling everyone for decades.

ME: Um, have you read the new science? They actually flipped the food pyramid. You gotta stay current, SUGAR. And at the end of 2015 the USDA changed all their guidelines about fat, of course, quietly. And to answer your questions, I have been taking in a lot of information, partly the documentary “Fed Up” where you are accused of, um, ruining our lives and, more heart breakingly, the lives of our children. Also, Dave Asprey, the guy who showed me how to whip butter into my coffee, and especially Dr. Mark Hyman who has a new book out called “Eat Fat, Get Thin.”

SUGAR: Arghhh!!!!! Eat Fat, Get Thin???? C’mon, you gotta know this is crazy talk.

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Tuesday’s Workout
“Weighted Tool Week”


DB Burpee Deadlifts (45/30)
DB Renegade rows (2ct)
DB Russian Twist (2ct)
DB Lateral lunges(2ct)
100m DB Farmer carry
–60sec Rest-

Wednesday’s Workout
“Weighted Tool Week”

“I Want the Ball”

200m MB Run (20/14)
15m MB Soccer dribbles
15m MB Adductor hops


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