I CAN Because I’m Injured!

Just over two weeks ago I awoke earlier than usual with an almost-paralyzing pain beginning in my right shoulder and traveling up into my neck and down to my elbow. It’s hard to say what caused this pain, but I did a lot of throwing at softball the night before, so that may have contributed to it. I’ve had it worked on by Dr Britt (one of the School Of Mastery’s physiotherapists), and I’m happy to report that it is recovering.

The injury has not caused me to miss any workouts, and I’ve been able to keep my intensity level as high as I want it. How? Well, at every class I attend I have a discussion with the coach about modifying or substituting any movements that will aggravate the injury or impede my recovery. This has worked beautifully, and I have found that I can have an amazing workout with a watchful coach and supportive classmates.

Sometimes I hear things like “I can’t go to class because I’m injured”, or some variation on that, and it catches my attention every time. I feel that some believe a myth that they can’t be in class because they can’t do the workout exactly as written on the board or because they will slow the class down. While I understand there are instances when staying out of class may be appropriate, there are plenty of instances like mine when staying out of class is unnecessary. If you ever have an injury, I encourage you to talk the situation over with your primary coach and make a healthy decision together.

An injury is a time when you may need a coach and community the most. What’s written on the board is not the end all be all. If you go to class, our coaches will take good care of you, and your classmates will be on your team.

Thursday’s Workout
Recovery: Practice

A) 3 RFQ at ≤ 7 RPE (:30:30)
Kipping dips
Toes to bar
Double unders

B) EMOM 10
2 Power cleans

Weighted chinups
Work up to heavy 2

Friday’s Workout
Recovery: Practice

A) Handstand Extravaganza
Focus on position

B) QAMRAP 10 at ≤ 7 RPE
200m Row
20 Jumping lunges
100m SB Front carry

3-5 x 2 (~90-95%)


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