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Shirley wrote an a great blog yesterday on 10 Things She Loves Students To Do. I thought I’d chime with a few additions.

  1. Recap Dry Erase Markers. The dry-erase-marker situation at the gym is already one filled with triggers and confusion. I have often stepped in front of a class to write names on the board only to go through 12 markers before one writes properly. AArrgg! Some days I leave the gym with peace of mind knowing a good-working black or purple marker is back in rotation only to return the next day to find just semi-dried orange and brown markers. What happened in those 14 hours? Other than seeing students soar to their potential here at the gym, there are not a lot of things more satisfying than writing with a good dry erase marker brimming with ink. I feel all will be possible in a class that starts with a good marker! So when students use the markers to keep track of scores and leave the precious, coveted markers on the ground capless, I shed a tear. I say my goodbyes to that marker and hope to move on.
  2. Like My Warm Ups. I think a lot about warm ups. Maybe I think a little too much about warm ups because frankly not only do I personally love a good warm up, I need a good warm up. I’ve been known to go a little over the top or take a little too much time with the warm up, but know that I’m always thinking how it can serve you. And entertain me!
  3. Like My Music? This is rich coming from me considering I’ve been know to get angry during Classical Fridays. That anger was an involuntary response, I promise, to which I apologize, Chip. As a coach, I do try to set a mood according to the workout and well, according to my own mood. I do hope you like it though.
  4. Come to our events. We know your schedule is jam-packed with goodness and family and work and life outside the gym. So, we really love it when you decide to make it to our events. It just reinforces what a community and family we are here.

And that’s really what I love most about our students, which is hardly ever in question: our familial sense of community.

Friday’s Workout
Team Week!

“Catch Me If You Can!”
4 RFT, teams of 4, relay serpentine-style
250m Row
50 Double unders
12 MB Sit to stands (20/14)
12/9cal Bike

Saturday’s Workout

12 DB Clusters (50/35)
18 Burpee box jump overs (24/20)
300m Run

Sunday’s Workout

For Time
10 Strict Presses 115/85
15 Overhead Squats
20 Push Presses
25 Front Squats
30 Push Jerks
35 Back Squats

Monday’s Workout
Coach Week

Kenny’s First CF WOD

5 Kipping pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats

Kenny: “It was the early mid-2000s (2004?), and I did it at Crunch Gym in West Hollywood. I got in the rounds of 20’s. I’m sure that not a round of them counted. It was amazing. A few rounds in I thought it was brutal, but The mental and emotional tenacity was easy to turn on, because I knew I had a 20min window to do some stuff.”



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