“I USED to Be” by Coach GC Cava

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Guest blog by Coach GC

What used to be me, isn’t me anymore.  I used to be faster, used to be stronger, used to be younger.  That isn’t me anymore.  I used to be confused, used to be shy, I used to be unsure of myself.  I used to feel used, I used to feel angry, I used to feel alone.  I used to not know what I wanted, I used to not know who I was, and I used to fear all those things.  That’s not me anymore.

All those things I used to be made me who I am today, they are my experiences, they are stages I went through in my journey through life. When I started being okay with what I WASN’T, I found ME.  Finding out what you aren’t and being okay with who used to be are things most of you know, and it makes you okay with what will come, it makes you comfortable with the unknown of tomorrow.  Life is full of decisions, those decisions get better over time as you experience what puts you in the best position to succeed, best place to be happy, and you ultimately become the best form of yourself.

You wake up everyday, there are things you’re happy with, and things you aren’t.  You used to be skinnier, you used to be stronger physically, you used to be happier.  You used to struggle financially, you used to be alone, and you used to not know what you wanted.  But today, you know a lot more about you than you did in the past.  Everyday you make a decision to make the best of the day, sometimes you get stuck, sometimes things go south, but you have the opportunity to make things better.  There is a saying: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present.”

Our community has tremendous experience in a myriad of things, whether that be film making, business, or raising a family.  You all have different experiences that make you who you are, they’re skills that you acquired through your own lives. All of you are so successful at what you do, or else you wouldn’t be at CFLA. It takes a confident person to step through those doors and make a decision to change their day, change their lives, and change what used to be.  You want to be a better version of you. You can’t do that unless you’ve been through things that have made you uncomfortable, made you vulnerable, you’ve conquered all those demons. So when you step through the sweaty confines of CFLA, you’ve chosen to forget what you didn’t like about who you used to be, you’ve chosen to love who you are and what you will become.  You’ve done it before, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t, so welcome that fear of what you don’t know, or who you don’t know, and embrace what everyone wants to be when they come to the gym, they all want what you want, they want to be themselves.

All Love,

Wednesday’s Workout
Test Week

1250m Run
3 20ft Balancing foot hand crawls
9 Squat snatches (135/95)
27 Handstand pushups
800m Run
2 20ft Balancing foot hand crawls
6 Squat snatches (135/95)
18 Handstand pushups
400m Run
1 20ft Balancing foot hand crawls
3 Squat snatches (135/95)
9 Handstand pushups
–35min Cap–

Thursday’s Workout
Test Week

500m Row
2 Rounds “DT”* (155/115)
–12min cap–

12 Deadlifts
9 Hang power cleans
6 Power jerks




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