I Can’t

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Today’s Workout
10 x 3 Dynamic Box Squats
– weight on bar is 55-65% 1RM

800m for time
rest 4 minutes
800m for timeEvery single person has “I can’t”s in their life, many of them where their health and fitness are concerned — whoever you are. “I can’t control my eating” or “I can’t quit smoking.” “I can’t lose weight” or “I can’t find the time.” “I can’t deadlift 500 pounds” or “I can’t break a 6 minute mile.” It happens at every level. It usually operates so deeply that it’s not only unquestioned, it’s unquestionable. It’s true to you at the level of “the sky is blue” and “water is wet.”

Those two words may be the most powerful operating force in what is possible for you. Because what actions will you take if you can’t do something? None. Why would you? It’s like gravity. Why would you try to break free of it? You can’t. This is like gravity, but this gravity is self-imposed. It holds you to the earth, but only because you say it’s true.

Do you want to know what the first step to flying is? Ask yourself what you would do if you could. What actions would someone who could take? What simple, small, doable-today actions would someone take? Now, put an “I can” in front of everything. Start with the small actions you laid out and build your way up to that thing you’ve said you “can’t” do. Notice the difference that “I can” makes. Notice the difference in your mind and you body. Notice what you are willing to do and how you feel. It’s a different world. What will you do in that world?

Who would you be without your “I can’t?”




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