I Get It Now

Today’s Workout
5 x 300m Sprints
– 2 min rest interval


Death by Pushups
1 pushup minute 1
2 pushups minute 2
etc….I’ve never worked a “real” job before.Before my current job, I never worked a job that had normal hours and things like “personal days.” I told myself as a teenager I would never work a 9-to-5 job. Instead, I worked in TV and film, which was project or season based. I worked long days for many weeks and then sometimes no days for many weeks. I worked far more hours than anyone in a “real” job. I left that career for my position at CFLA. Needless to say, coaching at 6am was not a 9-to-5 job either.

When I interviewed for my job here in Portland, my prospective employer asked me how I felt about working 9-to-5, if I was comfortable with that. I told them I was excited. I was excited for stability and what felt like a retaining wall on the amount of work I would put in each week. I was pretty excited at the prospects of sleeping in that late after years of 6am classes and having every evening free, too.

But then I learned the paradox of “real” jobs. I learned something unexpected from this new schedule and it has given me an empathy for the students of CFLA which you deserve to know — I suddenly got a whole new perspective on integrating work and the gym.

I don’t work in a gym anymore. By that I mean, I can’t just walk downstairs and take a CrossFit class and then go sit at my desk all disgusting and chalk-covered and go back to work. I have to GO somewhere to do CrossFit or lift or whatever it is I’m going to do. I actually have to put effort into integrating my schedule in a whole new way. I have to figure out how to map out my work schedule, my gym schedule, and my social schedule. They used to all be one and the same.

And I realized how hard it actually is. I get it in a whole new way – what it is to get home and think, wait, I have to go out again? So I wanted to share that with you all. I get it, and I commend and admire you for what you’ve been doing all this time that I didn’t see. When I get home at night or when I’m thinking about whether I’m going to do something on my lunch hour, I remember you all and the amazing example you set for everyone out there, by showing up and making it work.


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