I hate pimples on my butt


Closed for the 4th.
Go love your life!
Make today a Bring a Friend day!


A) 1×20 BS (+5#)
B) For Time:
Buy in: 50 RKBs
10 Wall Walks
30 Hollow Rocks
30 Arch Rocks
100 DU’s
Buyout: 50 RKB’sI do. I hate them.
And I hate the container in my kitchen that holds my utensils. It’s too short and it falls over all the time – and it has for 2 years.
And I hate it when my hair gets too long and start to curl and looks like crap for weeks.
And I hate that half the time my refrigerator is completely empty and I have NOTHING to eat when I go home.

Notice anything about the things I hate? They’re dumb. They’re dumb because they’re easily fixable. You want to know something
else about them? I’ve been complaining about all of them for way too long.

Why to I get pimples on my butt? Because I work at the gym and I sit in my gym clothes for HOURS after my workout.
I hate the container on my kitchen counter? Really? Buy a new one! I’ve only been yelling at it for two years!
And get a haircut! Barbers aren’t rare.
Food? Really? There’s this place called the supermarket. I think there are like 6 within a mile of my house.

But no. I somehow get more reward out of complaining about it.

It’s crazy how many things that are easy to fix we let drive us crazy.
Don’t like the parking ticket you got?
Pay it. Get it out of your life.

Now’s your chance! What dumb things with easy solutions do you let drive you crazy?

Declare them here and get your butt in gear. You can exorcise them like a demon right in comments!

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