I warned you…

Today’s Workout
5 Rounds, for time
800m run
15 (Ring) dipsAlmost 2 1/2 years ago, I wrote this post about Nina, then one of our newer members. Given that this is a week about declarations, I felt it might be apropos to revisit this. You will see that in that early post Nina made an audacious declaration. She said, in spite of ALL evidence to the contrary, that she was going to get on the leader board for double unders. If you had to have picked a list of 3 people back then who you would have said didn’t stand a chance of that, Nina would have been on that list. There was no reason to believe. The funny thing about belief is that it’s not necessary to have in order to start anything. What is necessary? A declaration. And that is what Nina had. “This will be so,” she said. All that was left was action to take, and take it she did. Her action wasn’t based on what she couldn’t do, but on what she envisioned.

How did this end? Well right now Nina is 3rd on the leader board with 89 double unders and climbing. How many you got?

What’s up next for Nina?

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