To Ice or Not to Ice

Did you know that the company Bayer commercialized and promoted heroin as a cough and cold remedy – to children? This practice went on as late as 1912. You might have a vague recollection that lobotomies were once a popular “cure”  for any mental issue from mild depression to schizophrenia. Or how about bloodletting? This practice had been one of the most enduring and popular medical practices in history where a doctor would take a few quarts of blood to relieve the imbalances that were surely the root of any and all illness.

I bring up these wild and outdated medical practices because Gary Reinl the author of the book Iced believes that using ice as a cure-all for our sprains, injuries, and soreness will be the next practice to go on the outdated list.

In his book, Reinl writes about how the original (and accidental) application of ice – involving a severed limb — was grossly misinterpreted to mean that we should use ice for everything, which, he argues, is absolutely not the case. He argues that it can even be damaging.

Reinl confirms that ice decreases inflammation and swelling, but inflammation is our body’s way of trying to heal itself in the case of injury. And why obstruct that?

The argument is compelling. So much so that Dr. Kelly Starrett  the mobility guru, now staunchly advises against icing. No doubt some of you know about this icing debate. For those of you who do and have possibly looked into the debate further – maybe even read the book – have your practices changed?  I know I don’t blanketly prescribe icing any more, but I’m interested to hear what you think.

On Wed, Dec 3, Kenny is doing a podcast with Gary Reinl. We will have the podcast in the Tall Room openly at 7:30pm so we can hold a public Q&A after the podcast. Get your questions ready, but let’s get the discussion going now.



Thursday’s Workout
Recovery: Practice

A) 5 Rounds for quality (:30:30)
Kipping pull-ups

B) 6 Rounds for quality on the 3:00
Max Effort Bench press (BW / ⅔ BW)
**30 Sec cap each round**

And Coming Friday

“Franklin Hill”
6 on the 6:00
**See 10/22/14**

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