Identify your fear….

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and CRUSH IT!!!!

If you participated in my 6 or 7am class last Tuesday, I’m sorry to repeat what I’m about to say.  Wait a minute, I am not sorry because it’s too important!

Some of you may know that I am a singer/songwriter and a musician.  One of the main reasons I moved to LA was to pursue music, to get into the scene as I call it.  For 33 years, I have hid behind a wall of fear.  A fear of performance, of exposing my vulnerable and sensitive side, and a fear of letting people into my head.  This fear has caused me much discouragement and frustration, but moving across the country and starting fresh gave me just what I needed.

For the last several months I have been performing at open mic nights, where anyone from artists, poetry readers, and comedians gather during the week to practice their craft.  PRACTICE.  It is a judgement free zone, where an artist can work on a new song, or work on their stage performance, or just a place to escape or release from everyday life.  Everyday I block out a time to sit down at the keyboard, or with my guitar, to practice my craft.  It may be 5 minutes, or it may be an hour, but I’m working towards something. 

On Saturday June 20th, I was able to put my practice to good use, as I played a 30 minute set at the Pig ’N Whistle in Hollywood.  This was my first real gig, and something that I was looking forward to.  You see, I wasn’t nervous when I took the stage, because I felt confident and prepared.  All of the hard work and time I spent in the prior weeks, ever so redundant, led me to a state of mind where I was ready to perform, and to compete against myself actually, because I always felt that I wasn’t good enough or ready to hit the stage. 

Well guess what, I DOMINATED that stage.  I felt like I belonged on the stage, and most importantly I was at peace with myself, because overcoming fear gives you a chance to feel empowerment. 

Before the show, my father asked if I was going to be paid, in which I replied no.  I then told him I wasn’t doing this show for the money, but for the experience and mastery of performance.  This statement hit me hard, and I can relate it to many areas of my life, especially the work we do at CFLA.  We PRACTICE to achieve quality movement, we then take those movements and use them to COMPETE when we are asked to, all while remaining MENTALLY TOUGH throughout everyday. 

Life isn’t easy.  Life is about identifying fears, and crushing them.  I will leave you with an incredible quote from Bryant S. Hinckley, “When a man makes war on his own weaknesses, he engages in the holiest war that mortals ever wage.  The reward that comes from victory in this struggle is the most enduring, most satisfying, and the most exquisite that man ever experiences.  The power to do what we ought to do, is the greatest freedom.”

Wednesday’s Workout:

A) EMOM 20 at ≤70 RPE

    1st min: 10-20 Pushups

    2nd min: 10-20 V-ups

    3rd min: 10-20 Alt. pistols

    4th min: 10-20 Supermans

    5th min: 10-20 DB Renegade rows (35/20)

    –30sec Cap each round–

B) FQL, working up across sets


    Squat cleans

And Coming Thursday:

A) FQL, working up across sets



B) “Fran”

     21-15-9 (95/65)



    –10min cap–



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