If You’ve Got Time to Stress, You’ve Got Time to Un-Stress

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Week 8 of 14: PRACTICE

A) 3 rounds, EACH for Time 3:1
200m Run
100 Double Unders
*round MUST be completed by 3:00
B) 3 Rounds, for Time
7 Thrusters @ 75%
7 Strict Pull-ups
–6 minute time cap —
C) 3 Rounds on the 4:00
5 FS @ 82.5 – 85% (from rack)
15 Weight plate Sit-ups 25/10
30 KB Russian Twist (1-ct)

Week 8 of 14: PRACTICE

A) 4 RFT
15 Burpee
75 Double Unders
B) EMOM 5-min “Chin up drill”
1 Max effort set C2B strict Chin ups every minute
C) 8 rounds on the 2:00
2 BS @ 85-87.5%How much time do you think you spend each day worrying?
How much time do you spend complaining?
How many stories do you tell others about what’s gone wrong today?
How much time do spend irritated at yourself, your kid, your neighbor, or your cat?
How much of your time is spent frozen – plunged into inaction by too much stress?

What if instead of letting your mind delve into worry, you took a minute to just breathe?
What if instead of telling stories about your woes, you took ten minutes to meditate?
What if instead of complaining, you asked yourself to find three things to appreciate?
What if instead of being a victim to stress, you stepped out of it and took a break?

If you’ve got time to stress, complain, or worry, then you’ve got time to do something else, too.

Becca Borawski served as Program Director at CFLA for seven years and is now part of the extended coaching family. She is the managing editor for Breaking Muscle, a website designed for real athletes and real coaches. She lives in Portland, OR and is most likely preparing a paleo meal at this moment.

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