I’ll Do Another One Now

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Wednesday’s Workout (NO CAP)
6x Franklin Hill Sprints
-Sprints start on the 6-minute mark

…and coming Thursday (CAP)
3 Rounds, for time:
250m Row
20 – 20” Dumbbell Step-ups (25/15)
15 Arch Rocks
10 Ring RowsSo, now that my boyfriend, Winslow, and I have constructed our epic garage gym, we’ve started inviting friends over for workouts. Recently I was coaching one of the guys and he stopped and shook his head midway through a set of pull ups. I was immediately pulled back to my days at CFLA…and what I used to tell you all about shaking your heads.

For those of you who never met me or for those of you who have forgotten – that’s a 5 burpee penalty for every head shake.

There’s no time and no reason for the head shaking. Head shaking means you’ve stopped mid-workout to evaluate yourself. More accurately, you’ve stopped your positive, productive work to critique yourself and think up some unpleasant, negative, highly UN-productive thoughts. So just stop. Stop thinking, stop evaluating, stop making up silly things about your capabilities. Just do your workout.

And if you have to rest or a rep got missed – cool, do another one. That’s it. That’s the whole thought process. To be clear, it goes like this: “Okay, that’s what happened. I’ll do another one now.”

So next time you’re mid-workout and you feel that head shake coming on, shake it off instead. Move along. Or know that I’m watching from afar and you owe me burpees.




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