I’m Not Perfect – Guest Blog by Coach GC

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Guest blog by Coach GC

I’m not perfect. I’ve been doing CrossFit longer than some of your children have been alive, longer than some of you have been out of college, and longer than most of you have been experiencing “CrossFit”. Should I be better at CrossFit? By all means, of course, I should be, but I’ll tell you this, I’ve grown more in the past 4 years at CFLA, than I have in my previous years of doing CrossFit on my own or even during my college years.

In general, I like to do things my own way and I don’t always appreciate that the world wants me to conform to its standards. And I appreciate the context model so much at CFLA because I can be myself within the broad context of what we’re trying to achieve. Our daily habits are unexplainable without context — and now, personally, a CrossFit workout feels lost with out.

I recently visited two different gyms while I was in Ohio, both had different modes but were accomplishing what CrossFit boxes often deliver, “an ass kicking”. One was was the same size as our box, the other was a warehouse space the size of half of Bristol Farms. At the smaller gym I got a good, but routine rowing workout, the other I did a wod with 40 other people and one coach in attendance … 40 students to one coach. In the warm up, we were told to run a 400m with a 45lb plate over our heads. This was the first thing in the warm up. Did I get what I wanted? Yea, I got an ass-kicking workout while I was away for work, it fulfilled a need, but it didn’t fulfill my most essential need to improve what was necessary for me individually. With one coach to 40 students — no matter how good the coach is — it’s impossible to get personalized attention. Sure, max days, skill work, and metcons are programmed at all boxes, but rarely are they programmed with the communities’ needs in mind. Most boxes will program based on where the domestic or worldwide trends are being set. At CFLA, we aren’t concerned about making you a Games athlete, we’re more concerned with making you better a better you. We’ve moved away from “let’s solely kick your ass,” to let’s help everyone in the community move better within a specific context at a the individual’s level because “better” is relative — and personal.

Most of our community are leaders in their professional lives, and they understand the process it took to get them to that level. We’re drawing on that experience in other parts of our lives to understand the process toward better health and fitness. Your professional success is most likely (hopefully) sustainable, attainable, and has upward mobility. Your fitness journey should be the same. Can’t your healthy practices involve the same tenants? The same habits? And garner progressive results? Most people can get health and fitness out of any set, standard routine, but what we’re just trying to make what we’re doing ALWAYS relevant to you so that the progress is full-spectrum, safe, and sustainable. Though I’m not perfect, I appreciate that I can always find something in the programming — and definitely in the context — that helps me become better, mentally and physically each day.

(Check out that photo- Ann Marie is back!)

Tuesday’s Workout

15 Push presses (115/75)
15 OTB Burpees

Wednesday’s Workout

“Franklin Hill: Up, Over, Around & Up”

2 rounds, each for time on the 15:00




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