I’m Talkin’ ’bout Practice

I’m constantly amazed by the power of practice. I really shouldn’t be, as I’ve seen it’s results over and again in my life. But for some reason, each time something gets better in my life, I look back at the cause… it’s invariably a result of  consciousness, time, attention and practice.
Take yesterday, for instance. I was snatching. And if you know anything about me, you know that for all the athletic things I’m capable of, the snatch is strangely out of balance. To say it has eluded me is an understatement. People my equal in other things can easily snatch 100 lbs more than I can. What can I say? My body simply hasn’t figured it out, and for over 10 years, it’s been an Achilles’ heel. But it’s more that that, because from my description you might think it has eluded me after 10 years of actual snatch practice.
Here’s the thing. I don’t practice. I’ve taken many seminars. I do it when it shows up on the workout of the day, I know the basic skills. I can do lots of reps at fairly low weight. I’m even pretty good a coaching it, if I do say so myself. But I’ve never gained a foothold on the snatch “rock face” in terms of making personal progress beyond what I would consider very average.
Yesterday I experienced something while snatching that I haven’t in over 8 years. If you’ve snatched before, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I experienced SPEED in PULLING myself under the bar and receiving it in the BOTTOM of my squat.
Usually when I snatch, I experience speed in pulling the bar up. I experience stability in landing in both feet. I experience the bar floating up. I experience receiving the bar overhead with my knees bent. And I experience the slow and stable lowering of my body and the bar to get down into a full squat.  And as much as I’d like to believe that is it… it’s simply not a snatch.
How does this relate to practice? Well, how’s this? Every week for the past month, I’ve made it to at least one workout (and only one workout) that has included snatching. It’s the most consistent snatch practice I’ve done in years. Only 4 sessions, once each week. And a noticeable improvement. 
Now, I know enough not to regularly expect improvements like this with just four days of consistent practice. But it is a great reminder to the power of consistency, regularity, persistent practice for the things I want to improve in my life. 

Wednesday’s Workout

“Franklin Hill 100’s”
4 Rounds on the 9:00
4 x 100m on the :90
**See 1/21/15**

And Coming Thursday

A) Toes to bar skill practice
B) Pistol skill practice
C) QAMRAP 12 at ≤70 RPE
15 Burpees
10 Deadlifts (40%)
20 Alt pistols

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